Informative SiteGround reviews: Reasons why it is popular

Perhaps you have already heard of SiteGround and are even considering their shared hosting plans? Our SiteGround reviews shall offer even more insights for your decision making. It’s never bad to know more about the service you are going to purchase.

SiteGround is one of the most popular hosting providers with dedicated servers, but they have a lot more to offer (also several more cons too). Let’s find out if they are a suitable provider for you.

SiteGround Reviews – Overview

Who is SiteGround Hosting?

Started as a small and humble hosting company by a bunch of college students who were friends with each other back in 2004, SiteGround now hosts more than 1.8 million websites all over the globe and employs at least 500 employees.

There are good reasons for their success and continuous growth. SiteGround hosting is arguably one of the best web hosting providers out there. They do have their cons, but overall, we dare say they can even the top one in the food chain.


SiteGround Hosting’s impressive uptime

What does SiteGround Hosting offer?

SiteGround offers many all-in-one solutions for a large, growing website. Their plans are without a doubt well-integrated with popular features such as WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, Cloud hosting, and whatever trending add-on you might be thinking.

You also have three standard plans with good offerings to choose from in order to smoothly launch and run your website.

Pros & Cons of SiteGround Hosting

Everything has its own pros and cons, so does SiteGround hosting. In this post, we will give you an all-sided view about it.

Good Points

High-Quality Performance

People on the Internet are not that patient; most of them will leave a website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. That’s why we have to pay attention to site performance.

Also, there is no way to fix a slow host. You can watch 480p instead of 1080p for a video to load faster, or you can change the format of a picture to make them lighter. But with a slow host, we can do nothing to make it faster. That’s the truth.

SiteGround is always one of the best web hosting companies that have a high-quality performance with above-average load time. You may find another one having higher speed, but we think 713 ms is an ideal load time for any host. With that, you do not have to worry about losing out on potential customers due to page loading issues.


SiteGround with fast & secure web hosting

Cutting-Edge PHP

SiteGround provides various versions of PHP. Their PHP-based hostings come with higher speed and better security. As a user of this hosting provider, we have many options available in better PHP performance.

Superb TTFB

SiteGround Hosting has superb TTFB feat. With many hosting providers, advertisement is not what they pay much attention to. As a result, they may get some speed issues relating to where do your target audiences live and where your hosting server located.

SiteGround fixes that issue by having the central database located in some countries with global connection: Britain, Singapore, Holland, and the United States.

Cool Daily Backups

Every user of SiteGround knows about its cool daily backups. Incremental backups give them perfect management as they could know when once there is a small change in one single file and provide you the restoration if necessary.

Hacker’s revenge and virus infection will also be prevented by SiteGround impressive daily backups.

Positive Reviews On WordPress Integration

SiteGround receives many positive reviews from users who are running WordPress sites with a rate of 4.6/5. Some people even said that they are best for WordPress shared host.

Weak Points

Random customer service

Their blessing is also their curse. A good customer support today is the benchmark for the customer tomorrow.

As mentioned above, not all users have a positive experience with customer support. So not reaching that specific benchmark set by the good employee will disappoint the customer a lot. It also serves as an indication of a downfall in training and service quality.

Costly One-Time Setup Fee

Although you can buy a single month hosting with SiteGround, you still have to pay for setting up these plans.

According to their policies, the introductory rate costs you $3.95 per month and another  $14.95 as a one-time setup fee. You also have to pay for the renewal rate which is very costly.

That’s why you are usually recommended to use their service for at least several months to capitalize on those fees.

These numbers might sound insignificant, to the average folks starting out and not even eating meals properly? This is tragic news.


You still have to pay for setting up these plans

Plans Are Not Well-Designed

Non-tech savvy readers might not be fully aware of what the figures indicate, so when they see things like 10 GB or 20 GB per month for a plan, they are bound to be impressed (maybe). Thing is, for website hosting and handling, these figures are not that impressive.

There will be unexpected costs as soon as you reach your limit.

If you are only to run a small website with limited functionality and everything else, you will be fine. However, should you succeed and looking to expand your site, you are in for a hefty extra amount of expense.

Also, contradict to the insane amount of options available to build your website, the diversity of plans and pricing look like there was no effort on the marketing team at all. There is no picking the perfect plan with only necessary features to fit your wallet at all.

No Free Domain Name

You often see many hosting companies offering their customers a free domain name that only costs you after the first year of using.

Unfortunately, you won’t receive it with SiteGround hosting. Although all of its plans come with CDN and SSL certificate, If you already have a domain name, you will be charged at least $15.95 per year to get them to serve you. Quite a bummer.

Final Thoughts

Personally, SiteGround isn’t bad at all. Considering the quality of the service and affordable prices (did not mention it because there is nothing special), we would say it offset most of the cons already.

However, if you are the sort of folks who have a short fuse customer support team (i.e. expecting the perfect customer support), and having a bit of start-up difficulty financially, you might be better off looking for another provider.