LiquidWeb Reviews: Will It Make An Excellent Choice?

The 21st century is regarded as the age of digital technology, and all kinds of services are making their way to the online market via the so-called website. Choosing an excellent hosting is similar to putting the first brick for your online business, so it’s without a doubt, a critical decision that requires careful consideration.

When you google for hosting providers, some familiar names may appear on the search result. LiquidWed Hosting is one of those. But, does it live up to the reputation? Is it a dedicated hosting? Will it fit your business?

So many questions need to be resolved.

Still, don’t worry. We are here to help. Let our in-depth of LiquidWeb reviews assist your decision making.


A Quick Look At LiquidWeb Hosting

Founded in the late 1990s, Liquid Web is a pioneer in the communication technology for an online connection. Their experience in the website hosting services helps to keep a high profile for the company. Rough estimation reveals that there are more than 30,000 customers in approximately 130 countries using LiquidWeb. About a million site is under the management of this corporation.

LiquidWeb Hosting grants you various options for managing your website, from the basic VPS Hosting to dedicated servers. The price range is also extensive from several dozen bucks to some hundred dollars. Still, LiquidWeb Hosting is never a “drugstore” among hosting providers.

Let’s see if their outstanding features worth the price!

Unique Selling Points Of LiquidWeb Hosting

LiquidWeb is, in fact, offering ten different products, but as we are reviewing the hosting, there are three options based on the professional level.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a simple but effective solution to speed up your site, increase the SEO score and conversion rate. In Managed WordPress Hosting, images uploaded to your web will be automatically compressed. The solid-state drive storage or SSDs for short is proved to be faster and more trustworthy than the usual HDDs (hard-disk drives).

LiquidWeb Customer Support 2019

Cloud Sites and Cloud VPS Hosting are suitable for those who want to use WordPress, but to build their online home from scratch. The former allows you to host multiple websites to maximize uptime and scalability. On the other hand, with Cloud VPS Hosting, you are still building your own site, but with the assistance of LiquidWeb via cPanel and Plesk.

Last but not least, Dedicated Server is a high-end option for big corporations with heavy web traffic. In this package, you get Intel Xeon processors, which is the speediest on the current market. Cloudflare CDN is included for free, and you don’t have to pay for the setup either.

Plus, you can choose which among five data-centers of LiquidWeb will host your server. This kind of management and control hardly can be found anywhere else.

All plans are high performance, arguably the best you can buy.

Pros Of LiquidWeb Reviews

Customer Support

More than ten years of experience in the host providing market has endowed the company a great sense of customer service. Most of the staff members are well trained with not only interpersonal skills but also technical skills.

Also, LiquidWeb is among very few companies to publicly set a maximum time for their support. Whether you call the hotline, chat online on their website, they ensure to reply within 59 seconds with the human backing.

Such an incredible number!

Multiple Packages

In addition, you have various choices for your business website. From basic needs such as WordPress management to Dedicated Hosting, you can find something that caters to your requirements. It also helps you save some pennies for not-so-useful features that shouldn’t appear on your site. If you want to add more utilities, it’s possible too.

Easy Migration

A big bonus for pro web builders is free to transfer from your old site to the new one hosted by LiquidWeb. The migration team of the company will help you integrate your data into the new home for free, which saves you plenty of time.

One thing to note down is they transfer your information from cPanel or Plesk, the two most popular layout only. In other cases, LiquidWeb will still guide you through the migrating process.

Excellent Uptime Guarantee

The most significant advancement of LiquidWeb Hosting must be a 100% uptime guarantee. If you have massive traffic on your site, a little delay can turn your business into a mess.

However, when it is backed with LiquidWeb Hosting, the provider promise no obstruction in your web flow. As impossible as it may seem, LiquidWeb hasn’t received any claim for downtime.


Security is another crucial consideration when it comes to web building.

Liquid Web pays a lot of attention to this issue by equipping the state of the art technology for web protection. They use PHP 7, which is superior to other PHP versions in not only speed but also security. There are specific protocols for WordPress to upgrade privacy.

The Sonor Monitoring Team, an individual part of the company, will take care of scanning for viruses, malware or spyware and making basic movements to protect your web. In the worst case scenarios, backups will come in handy to solve your issue.

Cons Of LiquidWeb Reviews

There are several apparent drawbacks when using LiquidWeb Hosting. The first one is the high cost. Although they offer an array of plans, the starting price is still far more expensive than other hosting providers. Therefore, unless you use shared hosting, the monthly subscription will become a burden to your business.

A Few Last Words

From our perspective, we highly recommend LiquidWeb Hosting for medium to large business.

It can have the highest performance for professional web builders with all the advanced features. Still, for SME, other hosting may be more reasonable. Hope that our LiquidWeb reviews can help you get to the final decision!