Hey there everyone! Have you guys read our previous posts about popular web hosting providers? If not, why don’t you take InterServer into your consideration?

It has improved service lineups, including virtual private server (VPS), Cloud, or Shared Hosting, Quick Servers, Dedicated Server Hosting, and others to meet buyers’ expectations.

If you are wondering whether this New Jersey-based hosting company is for your business or not, let’s dive into our following InterServer reviews to know more.

interserver reviews 2020

Interserver is overgrowing in the hosting world

InterServer Hosting Reviews: Pros and Cons

Regarded as one of the top serving capacity online, Interserver has shown an excellent performance in the hosting world. The main supported operating systems now include Linux and Windows.

Based on what we have tested, here is a short list of some benefits and downsides while using InterServer

Pros of InterServer Reviews

A variety of packages

Whatever hosting you may require, InterServer will get you covered. Plans vary from standard shared hosting packages on Linux servers to Windows or WordPress hosting ones with free SSL certificates.

In case you prefer dedicated or VPS servers, there are also various options in these categories.

Notably, all of them have incredible features. For instance, for unlimited shared hosting plans, the free SSL certificate, unlimited storage, websites, transfer, and email are the highlights.

Plus, those shared hosting ones are boosted by free Cloudflare CDN (content delivery network).

Besides, Cloud VPS hosting comes in Windows and Linux flavors. It will allow you to gain full control over selected resources.

For those who are keen on Windows hosting, there will be an ASP.NET Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework with more than 100 one-click installs.

That ASP.NET MVC will allow you to manage complexity while using test-driven apps.

Recently, the company offers a new platform named Virtuozzo 7, which brings up to 60% performance boost on virtual machines.

Users can connect to their Windows Desktop or Linux CLI thanks to VNC (virtual network computing). Running $3-per-slice SSDs is possible as well. What a great deal!


Do you know?

The primary datacenters of InterServer, in nearby Secaucus, NJ, have perimeter fences and CCTV surveillance. Security in specific areas in each center is always at high levels.

What’s more, those centers are connected via the 10-gigabit Tier-1 networked system and depend on top-notch infrastructure from Riverstone, Cisco, and Extreme Networks.

The BGPv4 routing will also ensure speed and redundancy, which makes data centers more secure and accessible.

For newbies, the company even offers InterShield. This tool helps to block known hacking strings, scan all uploaded contents, detect attacks, and replicate secure rules from other servers to stop those attacks

So you won’t need to worry about your data’s security when choosing any of those centers to host your sites!

Decent support

Having issues with your website? Don’t worry! The enthusiastic customer support team of InterServer will assist you. Their average response time is under four minutes.

Another impression related to active customer support programs is the toll-free phone service and live chat. They are available at any time of the day!

interserver reviews 2020 team

The support team is always active 24/7 to answer customers’ questions

Notably, its self-help articles are helpful and get high appreciation from users. Each dated article gives readers up-to-date information, which is necessary for their decisions.


This aspect seems to be a big highlight of using InterServer. The price tag is not expensive, especially for the resources you get from each package.

You can even save money by selecting annual plans instead of paying once every month.

Here, payment methods include PayPal and the mainstream credit card. If you intend to pay with a credit card, be sure your website is PCI compliant right from the start.

In this case, you should get the PCL compliance from any WordPress eCommerce plugin you select or any add-on you’re using.

One more benefit is the price lock guarantee. While some providers raise the price after their initial year, the hosting rate of Interserver will never go up.

Besides, you only need $1.99 for registering or transferring your domain when buying any web hosting plan. Also, the company offers a free package for nonprofits and gives students the free first year.

Cons of InterServer Reviews

No free trials

There is a fact that InterServer doesn’t offer trial plans since customers have to make a payment for their hosting a month at a time.

Anyway, since the company bills you on a month-to-month basis without requiring long-term contracts, you can cancel whenever you don’t feel satisfied.

Here, let’s make use of the provider’s 30 days money-back guarantee so you won’t lose out any money when canceling your package within the first month.

Remember to contact billing and request a remainder refund of the period when you want to cancel the plan midway through the term.

Daily subscription limitation

Because of the overwhelming demand for InterServer’s web hosting plans, the company has restricted the daily signup number to 100.

Although that policy can help the firm prevent being overloaded, it can be something unpleasant toward those who need urgent hosting plans.

Another related effect is the loading speed. As it is only running at 50%, you wouldn’t always get the best loading speed.

When the daily limit is reached, you can’t pay extra to bypass that limitation system. There would be nothing you could do but to try again later. The system counter will reset at midnight Eastern Time Zone.

So if you plan to take advantage of this web hosting provider, keep this in your mind!


In short, Is InterServer Hosting right for your site? We think it depends.

If you require an affordable web host with excellent qualities, and great support, InterServer will be your ideal option.

In addition to the mentioned benefits, all of its plans feature an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, which will satisfy you.

Hopefully, our informative InterServer reviews will make your decision more comfortable than ever before. If you find it useful, give it a like and a share! Many thanks!