At the age of 20, CEO Peter Holden published Hostwinds nationally in 2010 to provide advance-grade hosting solutions. Hostwinds promises to deliver a full range of appealing prices, high-end operating systems, and advanced server configurations for online presence.


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There are three subjectivities that Hostwinds offers for customers: state-of-the-art infrastructure, enthusiastic customer services, and cost-effective prices. With the base of these three scopes, the company has incredibly grown and offered more ranges of services up while guaranteeing the ultimate satisfaction up to date.

Hostwinds is a hosting company that is less in tech-savvy and more in multiple hosting offering. To know more, we make this Hostwinds reviews to deepen the benefits and downsides of Hostwinds.

Hostwind Reviews – Pros and Cons

Good Points

Great Affordability Along with Refund Policy

As mentioned above, the company focuses on multiple configurations to ensure meeting all the customer’s needs. What makes the standard shared hosting services of Hostwinds better than its competitors such as InMotion Hosting or SiteGround? We need to state that the current solid-stated drives place Hostwinds and the others in a costly hosting bracket, and the differences are about the real value.

For the SSD drives and LiteSpeed servers, Hostwinds outperforms the typical shared hosting plans up to 500%. Hostwinds also contains unlimited features, such as bandwidth, disk space, subdomains, databases, and FTP accounts. And you will love how Hostwinds generates these superior features with an affordable fee.

From the customers’ aspect, some might require a few specific functions without committing to the management requirements of any virtual server. Hostwinds offers a great deal of business hosting plan with upgradeable performance.

In general, Hostwinds allows the customers to register their domain for free. The company also guarantees a 60-day refund policy along with the above offer of shared hosting plans.

High Effectiveness

As cliché as it may sound, conventional providers naturally give their most high-end hardware and most outstanding features at the forefront to attract the customers. Hostwinds, on the other hand, enforces to show off the company’s enormous range of configurations.

Beginners can select from 15 Windows operating systems (or Linux ones) and equip the dedicated server with the maximum hard-disk drive storage of 4TB. Nevertheless, with the RAM scales’ range from 8GB to 128GB, Hostwinds can outpace every luxury hosts.

Hostwinds also comes with up to 128 IP addresses. Its inbound bandwidth is free and unlimited while the outbound transfers scale more than 200TB. Our most sincere advice is giving the smaller, newer companies some faith. Such companies could implement large-scale mission-critical systems.

Diversified VPS Packages

In general, Hostwinds has numerous virtual private server packages. For just Linux server partitions’ management, the company offers ten configurations. For Windows VPS’s control, Hostwinds offers ten advanced plans in total. And there are a few solutions for uncontrollable varieties of both systems.


hostwinds windows vps package

Hostwinds’ VPS hosting offers different packs of storage server corresponding to different prices. For instance,

  • With the lowest price of about $5, you can get a pack of 1 CPB core, 1GB of RAM, 30GB of storage
  • With a higher budget, e.g. $250, you should purchase the pack of 16 CPB cores, 96GB of Ram, 750GB of storage

Hostwinds’ ineradicable monitoring system ensures hosting reliability. Nevertheless, Hostwinds firmly guarantees responsive replies to incidents and hardware replacements within one hour.

For the people who focus on flexibility, Hostwinds offers cloud hosting. The company always ensure that their operating system and infrastructure is stable and give the customer a strong support. Customers can control the status of the block or object storage volumes as well as rely on the company’s firewall to prevent the databases from the attacks of a hacker and spam.


hostwinds cloud hosting

Drawbacks of Hostwinds reviews

Obscure Guidance for Beginners

It seems like the Hostwind website is not built for the novice. There is only very basic information about the Hostwinds and their service offers.

For the beginners who try to figure out the hosting processes, it is hard to understand the operations of Hostwinds’ packages. Moreover, Hostwinds comes with various package offers with the advanced specifications. Even the pro has to take time to process the given information as well.

Limited Data Centers

The simplicity of Hostwinds’ business plans and diversification of price can be a significant advantage. Each price associates with a package that comes with the specific features only. However, the unreasonable difference is the number of domains.

Most dedicated hosting companies tend to limit the domains, databases, or disk space to downgrade the accounts indirectly. Hostwinds has two data centers in the U.S. only. So for the accessing demand, your site could not be sufficiently fast for international visitors.

Plan Differentiation and Pricing Issue

Every managed hosting company has to control and balance the performance from walks of life. The definition of shared hosting is that the web server must be shared. The difficulty is to supply every account with resources that they require without limiting the other accounts.

Then when it comes to the plan of purchasing, it needs to be rigorously considered. The most advertised Basic plan on the homepage is only applicable to the 12-month project.

The issue is that the 12-month plans are not supportive for most of customer’s requirement when it comes with a high cost. They do not have any special feature, however, you could not get a free domain if you do not register the 12-month plan. Moreover, viruses and malware scans are generated only once instead of twice per week compared to other hosts.

Last but not least, the refund policy comes with strict conditions. If you purchase the hosting plans with Skrill or Cryptocurrency, you would be stuck with the account credit when requiring the refund since Hostwinds does not support for these platforms. The money-back guarantees also are only available to the services that are within the first 30 days of purchase.


Overall, Hostwinds is an excellent hosting service based on our average experience. Their plan offers can cover a broad spectrum of hosting services that fit most types of user. The company also innovates to provide affordable pricing schemes and transfer speed.

They are a great customer-centered host that supports a wide variety of payment options for people or companies looking to replace their current host. Through this Hostwinds reviews, we would recommend you to do a study about Hostwinds for your shared and VPS hosting requirements.