An Ultimate HostPapa Reviews: Two Crazy Points Make You Worry

In the age of information technology, an excellent website can make a substantial difference to your business. It also visualizes your products to provide customers an objective viewpoint. It improved your service by shortening the geographical distance.

The thing is, how to build an excellent website?

More than just a fancy design, a feasible web should be constructed from a concrete base. It’s the hosting. So, in today’s article, we are going to go deep in HostPapa hosting review, a popular name in the digital market.

HostPapa Hosting At A Glance

Established in Canada in 2002, HostPapa initially began with applications for dedicated servers. Three years later, they entered the market for web hosting services by launching their first official domain.

Nowadays, HostPapa is a well-renowned company which backs up an estimated number of 180,000 websites worldwide. What sets them apart is the green commitment, all of HostPapa branches, call centers, offices are powered by renewable energy. This is an excellent addition to the sustainable development of the company.


In terms of hosting service, HostPapa offers three options with the starting price at around eight bucks. However, there are a lot of discounts which reduce the cost to less than $5.

Such a bargain, isn’t it?

Striking Features Of HostPapa Hosting

The first thing about HostPapa is user-friendliness. Positioning themselves as a hosting for beginners, the company’s subscribing options include most necessary functions for the starting level. With a neat and clean interface, building a website can be done in a blink.

If you don’t use much English, the company offers customer service in other languages as well. So, it’s convenient to create a website from HostPapa Hosting.

Another feature we appreciate about HostPapa hosting is despite the low price, you still have a wide selection of functionalities. Hosting setup and the domain name will be offered free of charge. You can also integrate at least two websites for a hosting, which is super cost-efficient. If you base your web on WordPress, it is very easy to transfer HostPapa without any surcharge.

In the Business and Business Pro plan, the level of web security is upgraded with Protection Power, which automatically identifies potential threats and malware on a daily basis. Your customer database will be protected thanks to Premium Wildcard SSL certificate, so all the essential information for your unique selling points is safe and sound.

Once you’re done with your business, HostPapa gives several choices of reseller plans so that all that you have created will not just go with the wind.

HostPapa Reviews

Pros of HostPapa


One of the most annoying problems when it comes to changing your hosting is to migrate your current website to the new “location”. However, with the assistance of HostPapa, that painful process will be carried out by the HostPapa team with no hassle and downtime.

HostPapa hosting is compatible with WordPress, the most popular tool for building a website, so information transfer and upload is super quick and convenient.

Ease Of Use

The classic cPanel layout takes the least time to get accustomed with. It is the most classic setup, so materials for web building on cPanel are available for beginners.

There is a search bar so that when you couldn’t find any feature, you will know where it is with an easy search. Website management is also a piece of cake as you have access to almost everything from creating to arranging and modifying.


Moreover, HostPapa keeps a green focus on their services. Although the data centers are not driven with clean energy like wind turbines, solar panels, or hydropower stations, the company purchase renewable energy to reduce the carbon offset. As the world is moving toward sustainable development, this is such a big bonus for HostPapa.

Customer Care

Having been in operation for more than ten years, this Canadian based company has constructed a fantastic system for customer care. What we appreciate about HostPapa is distinctive versions for different markets such as America, Asia, Europe. Besides English, they also offer multilingual customer service, so no matter where you come from, you can mutually connect with HostPapa.

A Lot Of Choice

Various plans for users is another advantage of HostPapa. There are three main pricing models, catering for three popular kinds of websites. The lowest-priced for a blog or basic web starts around $8 for the monthly subscription. Business Pro package featuring enhanced security, performance, and support, which is the most suitable for big corporations, costs up to $20 per month.

Also, you can choose to add more utilities to your choice of plan to make the website more stunning or secure. The best part is HostPapa often run a discount for Starter and Business package, which lowers 70% charge. And you can have a hosting from less than four bucks!

Cons of HostPapa Reviews

Still, there are several considerations before you decide to base your website on HostPapa.

Unclear Policy

One highlight when HostPapa does marketing for their hosting is the 30-day money back policy for guarantee. As attractive as it may seem, you should read the application carefully. Although they will give you the domain name for free (in all plans), the cost for domain setup will be deducted from the refund. That means you will not receive the total sum you pay yours for HostPapa.

Backup Problem

Due to the low price, you will not have backups in the Starter and Business plan, which can be risky for your information on the website. Moreover, Wildcard SSL and Protection Power Pro are only available for Business Pro package, so your web may be at risk of malware or digital thieves. Fortunately, you can pay more to add that backup feature to your subscription.


All things considered, we think HostPapa is an excellent choice for beginners and those who want to save some pennies. There is still room for improvement, but the necessary features for a website are what you will be satisfied. So, don’t forget to check it out when you start your web. And save our HostPapa reviews for reference.