Hostinger Reviews – What You Need To Know

Hey guys! Welcome back to our site! We are here again to continue our previous best web hosting reviews. Another potential candidate we would like to introduce is Hostinger.

As you know:

Web hosting means hosting a web by a server. Web hosting services will let users post their web page or website on the Internet.

So, choosing a cost-effective web hosting provider is needed. Here’s when Hostinger is what you’re seeking.

It offers different hosting types, such as VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, or Shared hosting, which we will mention later.

Now, let’s move on to the detailed Hostinger Reviews below to know more!

hostinger reviews 2020

Hostinger always improve their hosting services for webmasters’ needs

Hostinger Reviews Details

So far, we’ve found out that Hostinger is a great contender out there. It offers a conveniently draggable website builder as well as application installer.

Based on our research, we’ll outline some benefits and drawbacks of using Hostinger

Pros of Hostinger Breakdown


Hostinger is an ICANN-accredited company and will give you chargeless domain hosting and other different domain deals.

Users will get one of the free domain names in their package apart from WordPress, e-commerce, and entry-level shared hosting plans.

Getting free domain hosting is the most economical way to start your web with an inclusive package. You can consider Premium or Business website hosting plans for that benefit.


Hostinger will protect users’ websites from various threats and malicious attempts, including DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) thanks to the firewall rules and smart security layers.

Especially for the best efficient security, you can go with Hostinger Business package. Its free SSL certificates will enable you to operate data or e-commerce websites of visitors without security-related concerns.

Best website builder

Hostinger bases all servers on SSDs (solid-state drives) that are better than HDDs (hard-disk drives) in reliability and speed.

Besides, with Hostinger, you can choose a proper hosting plan with the costless and SEO friendly website builder.

Plus, there are several free, attractive, and pro web templates. You can easily browse and pick them up when being stuck for new ideas.

So, you’ll be able to build a website like a pro without coding or technical knowledge.

User-friendly operating system

The interface of Hostinger is quite modern and simple to use. Everything you need for your website is in just one place.

You will also find its cPanel version easy to control. The large icons and other labeled factors make everything simple and intuitive.

Also, you can set up WordPress with just a click and cloud hosting platforms with Cloudflare CDN.

Available hosting plans

As we mentioned earlier, Hostinger provides users with various kinds of web hosting. The primary difference between them relies on:

  • Memory (RAM)
  • Storage space
  • Computing and CPU(s) power
  • Supported bandwidth

Shared Web Hosting plans are suitable for beginners with a limited budget. Notably, the Business plan has benefits of the premium combo, 4x processing power and memory, and unlimited MySQL Databases.

Cloud Hosting suits users with great shared hosting, while VPS (virtual private server) options are ideal for users who need many resources to serve the site rapidly.

Hostinger also offers e-commerce solutions. They cover PrestaShop, Magento platforms, and WordPress WooCommerce plugin.

Cons of Hostinger Breakdown

Daily backups

Depending on the chosen hosting plan, you may or may not receive automatic backups. While some policies provide weekly backups, other premium options offer daily backups.

In this case, daily backups are only available on the highest plan of Hostinger. Anyway, you can use the control panel to perform your backups manually if needed.

What’s more, you can buy daily backups at around $0.95 per month. It may suck that it does not come free, but why don’t we think of it in the real way Hostinger?

In the recent market, its original price tags are already one of the lowest. The company deserve to earn a bit of money off particular features. Do you think so?

Live chat service

In the customer service of Hostinger, there is also a worth-considering downfall. Users can take advantage of the live chat only when they have signed up for as well as logged in Hostinger.

If you aren’t their customer, you cannot make use of that support. For some demanding customers who need quick answers for pre-sale questions, live chat services will be more beneficial.

Although this feature doesn’t seem to be a big issue, it can put potential clients off or even decrease customer registration.

Overall, we suppose that Hostinger Hosting provider should allow this type of service to be available for everyone.

Final word

Hands down, do you think Hostinger Hosting is an excellent choice for businesses? According to what we have found out in the above in-depth review, the answer is it’s possible!

This provider is reasonable and starts from only $0.80 per month. Its performance records have been reliable at the time of this review, and we think it is an appropriate option for most users.

There are a few concerns about the 99.9% uptime guarantee. To resolve this issue, in case of customers’ demand, the company will publicly display outages or downtime it has experienced on the servers.

In some way, that 99.9% level is still suitable for many high-traffic webs that are concerned about occasional disruptions in services.

While the Single plan does not offer as much as users’ expectations, the Premium or Business plans will do. Finding any reason to complain about them is a bit difficult.

So, if you need a reliable web host with excellent web hosting, high web speeds, or accept services, Hostinger would be the perfect option for your needs.

And after using Hostinger, don’t forget to optimize your web or page for the search engine to make it higher in online search results.

We hope what we share in this informative Hostinger reviews will help to make your choice easier. If you find our site useful, don’t hesitate to like and give it a quick share! Thanks for reading it! See you again!