In this era, the need for advanced technology witnesses a significant increase. For companies who want to boost their online business performance, web hosting service is an ideal choice.

But with many options available out there, clients may have to face difficulties finding their perfect hosting partners.

In this article, We will give you a detailed FastComet reviews.

To start with, let’s go through some necessary information about FastComet Hosting.

FastComet Reviews – Overview

FastComet is a web hosting company started in 2000 whose headquarter is based in San Francisco, California. It has shifted to public cloud hosting in 2013, emphasizing on packaged solutions for SSD cloud hosting, instead of just hosting services.

Now, it has more than 40000 customers globally. (Data collected of April 2019), offers three main choices of hosting: shared, cloud VPS, and dedicated.

Now let’s go further into assessing FastComet Hosting’s efficiency!

Pros of FastComet Reviews

Trustworthy, Clear Pricing And 45-day money back Guarantee

Regularly, most hosts will update low monthly fees to draw in users.

That is only the beginning. After the initial bargain goes off, the new rate will terrifically take you aback. Your hosting renewal fees can go up two or even three times in comparison with the first year.

FastComet isn’t like that, luckily. All the plans it offers all come with fixed and no hidden extra charges. You pay for only the service that you use. Moreover, all prices will stay the same even when the subscription period ends; you can renew any service at the same rate.

Taking down a site is frustrating and technically challenging. In case you are unhappy with this hosting provider at some points, you will be able to take all your money back.

Compared to other companies with a 30-day refund policy like A2 Hosting or SiteGround, FastComet offers you 45 days for a full refund as one month is barely enough to test a web host thoroughly.

Free Domain Forever

A domain name is a unique characteristic to look at and identify your business online. Many hosts require a domain name registration, and it can cost up to $20 a year relying on the domain extension and the location you register it.

Some hosts act generously as they offer free domain registration for the first year using their services. However, you need to pay a registration fee yearly.

FastComet guarantees that as long as you are working with them, you will get a free domain for life.

Free Site Transfer

The most exciting part is that if your website bases somewhere else. You can transfer the domain to any other registrant with no barge – no additional fees or hidden payments.

You may claim that you could do it yourself. Yes, of course, you could. However, manually transferring can take a lot of effort. And your website can even go down if something isn’t done correctly.

Just have faith, and a support specialist will get it done for you in less than an hour with a website of the standard scale.

Domains that go with free registration consist of: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co, .in, .ca, .eu, .us, .uk, .ru, .es, .nl, .cn, .de.

Fast And Solid Customer Support

No matter how genuine you are, there will be situations that require expert supports.

That being said, we have high hopes that the right hosting provider would have a fast and consistent support team who is willing to help in any case.

With FastComet, you can seek for its assistance in 3 ways: via phone (1.855.811.9717), email and online chat, of which online chat is the most common and efficient: you will get the reply in less than 10 minutes.

We can tell that FastComet cares a lot and make a substantial investment in customer support. In fact, they have conducted more than 400 thousands of live chats and 875 thousands of support tickets.

Multiple Data Center Locations

It goes without saying that the closer your site is to where the majority of traffic comes from, the better overall performance you have.

FastComet Data cPanel Hosting owns 8 Datacenter spots globally with two servers in Asia, three in Europe and the US.

It’s good to know that all data centers run 24/7 security management, power backup, fireproof system, and also a cooling system. Hence, the safety and performance of Hosted websites can be guaranteed.

Cons of FastComet Reviews

Setup Fee For Monthly Payments

In some occasions, customers want to make a payment for a service monthly.

And right here, we see the biggest drawback of using FastComet. It does allow purchase on a month-to-month basis, but you will be charged with an extra $19.95 of setting up.

And the only way out, when confronted with this problem, is to go with the one-year package or even more extended period subscription.

Misleading Marketing

We are not saying that FastComet services are too pricey to afford. And it would be unfair to expect the lowest prices from this company after experiencing all the things they have to offer with no charge.

Having said this, if the number is all you care about, you should try seeking for other less expensive hosts.

Moreover, the price comparisons they show are somehow misleading. Even though what we see about the feature comparison is valid, they are not always from the cheapest plan. This motive shows that FastComet acts like it has both the lowest price and the most add-ons; but in fact, only the latter is correct.

Final Thought

We hope that this post has given you more knowledge with regards to FastComet, and hence supporting you in evaluating its performances better.

FastComet is truly an excellent alternative for advanced users with stable uptime and well-developed features.

And if you find this FastComet reviews helpful, please kindly share it to your friends who may be in need of services in this hosting field.

Once again, thank you for dropping by and wish to see you back soon!