In-depth Cloudways Reviews: Everything You Need To Know

These days, we have been witnessing the constant growth of Internet usage. Owning a website is the ultimate option to market your products and services online to boost your business.

With that in mind, to draw as much attention as possible to gain customers, you must create a fast and effective website, blog, or online store.

Hence, you must find a reliable partner in hosting websites.

In this article, We will guide you through a Cloudways reviews with detailed information one of the most common names in this field.

Before we get started, let’s go through some general facts of Cloudways Hosting!

Cloudways Reviews – Overview

The Cloudways web hosting company was founded in 2011 with its headquarter in Malta. It later added two other offices in the UAE and Spain.

From the beginning, the company’s ultimate goal has always been to implementing cloud hosting with “convenience and ease.” Luckily, their vision has been proved to be right. There has been a significant growth of 550 percent in the corporation’s sales last year: Their most outstanding expertise is managing WordPress cloud hosting.

Pros of Cloudways Hosting


Different from other companies offering web hosting services, you can create a website without wasting a penny with Cloudways.

It’s straightforward. You can open a 14-day trial account with your security information. Alternatively, you can sign in with Google, Github or LinkedIn.

Next step, after having you are logged in, it’s your job to select a content management system, or we can call it CMS from various well known and trusted sources. The choices are, for example, Drupal, Prestashop, Koken, Media Wiki, PHP Stack, SugarCRM, and yes, WordPress.

You can tell there is a bunch of conveniences here.

Moreover, this flexibility also spreads to server options. There are many infrastructure-as-a-service solutions for you to choose to build your site, namely Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Stackpath, Linode, and Vultr.

In terms of location, you can choose from many alternatives across the country.

How flexible is it, right? You will be impressed with how much Cloudways offers users.

Impressive speed performance

With its blazing fast servers, you can ensure that your content’s delivery to customers is always smooth regardless of heavy traffic.

But that isn’t all. With Cloudways’s treat, you are offered a plate filled with features related to loading speed.

  • Redis support: supports the database from your site performs at its best. Especially when used together with Apache, Nginx, and Varnish, your site’s performance should be off your concerns.
  • Auto healing servers: In the worst scenario, when your server doses off, Cloudways will automatically activate its self-healing system to lessen downtime.
  • PHP servers: Cloudways has with PHP 7, which is the version with the most impressive speed up to date.
  • CDN service: Premium CDN services enable transferring the content on your site to site visitors in terms of their geographic settings.

All in all, Cloudways would undoubtedly resolve your issues concerning speed and performance.

Reliable customer support

It is always a frustrating experience every time your site encounters a crisis, which renders you helpless.

Fortunately, Cloudways offers a range of brilliant support channels. In case you want to tackle the incident by yourself, join Cloudways supportive community with many active users to ask for their advice on the fixes. By doing this, you can also contribute to the platform’s enormous knowledge foundation.

Moreover, a team of experts is always available when you are long for more thorough assistance. You can reach them via online systems, including live chatting or online ticketing.

With Cloudways well-trained staff, and they will help you overcome most of your problems.

Excellent pricing and payment method

One of the things that set Cloudways apart is the brand’s pricing technique. The brand provides various pay-as-you-go cloud hosting package that only charges you for as long as you’ve used it.

For instance, provided that you are on the 10th day of your monthly plan and you wish to cancel it, you need to pay for those ten days.

In contrast, some award-winning hosts like HostGator or DreamHost will charge you the whole plan even if you cancel after using a day or so.

Cons – Cloudways Reviews

No email hosting

Unlike many other renowned hosting providers who include integrated email accounts in their hosting plans, Cloudways does not.

Customers need to pay for every email account that they need. And that means it can cost you a fortune if you have a big business with a fair number of members and a bunch of mailing accounts to keeps things smooth.

To be more specific, they offer email services an add-on, but you need to pay extra to use the feature. With mailboxes, you can check for Rackspace email add-on (starting at $1 per month for an email address), or you can try their modified SMTP add-on for outgoing emails.

No domain name registration

Unfortunately, you cannot get a domain name registration with Cloudways even if you are willing to pay. Instead, you need to find a third-party seller to acquire a domain name before signing up to use their services.

Furthermore, it can be very challenging to direct your domain name to your hosting supplier after getting setup. And novice website owners are those who suffer the most due to this.

Think of it, how inconvenient could it be switching back and forth from your hosting site to another web just to attach your URL.

No domain name registration could be Cloudways’s most significant drawback as other names in this field offer free domain name registration, even for a lifetime.

Final Thought

All in all, We believe that Cloudways Hosting can offer you a complete one-clock solution with full set of features at reasonable prices.

Now it’s your turn to try it yourself and decide if it’s suitable for your business or not.

And if possible, please kindly share this Cloudways reviews with your fellows who are in need!

Wish to see you again soon!