Detailed ChemiCloud Review: Something You Need To Know

These days, no one can deny the benefits that cloud shared hostings bring about. As the demand for cloud hosting is rapidly increasing, there are a lot of cloud hosting providers appearing with many promises of offering their users the best service and quality.

But, do all of those providers keep their promises? How can we know which provider can deliver the best service and high quality? That’s a big issue that if you choose the wrong one, you may lose a lot of money.

Understanding this problem, we launched some researches and surveys on people who have experienced some hosting providers and finally found out a young one with an impressive market reputation called ChemiCloud. So here we have ChemiCloud review to help you know more about it.

ChemiCloud Review – Overview

Probably you haven’t even heard of ChemiCloud Hostings, so in this overview, we will tell you some information about them. They were mentioned to be trustworthy, protected, and even have advanced technologies.

You often have to pay a certain amount of extra charges to using hosting services with multiple services across the globe, but things will be different with this hosting. No extra cost required.

So what is a ChemiCloud hosting? What does it offer? And what are its features? We can get all those answers here.

What is a ChemiCloud Hosting?

ChemiCloud Hosting is a range of website hosting services with dedicated servers provided by Chemicloud, a provider who has been keeping a low-profile on the market.

If you have been a user of SiteGround or ever heard of it before, you may easily make a critical comparison between these two companies. In general, ChemiCloud is less popular but still receives many referrals due to efficient services and offerings with really high ratings (4.4/5).

What does a ChemiCloud Hosting offer?

A ChemiCloud Hosting has all of the common features that we usually see in others. The servers provided are HTTP/2 enabled with free SSL certificates, a 24/7 support, and a long-day money-back guarantee (up to 45 days).

You can find a lot of choices from this hosting provider such as WordPress hosting, Reseller Hosting, Web Hosting, and Cloud VPS.

What are ChemiCloud Hosting features?

On their website, we can see these features mentioned:

  1. Free, simple installation
  2. User-friendly hosting
  3. High uptime guarantee
  4. 45-day cash back options
  5. Impressive online storage
  6. Flexible options on pricing

And many other features that we cannot mention here.

Highlights of ChemiCloud Hosting

As we analyzed the reviews based on many aspects: user satisfaction, technical support, policies, security patches availability, and online storefront.

Pros of ChemiCloud

#1. SSD Hostings

An online business will care about this factor a lot. Recent researches showed that even a one-minute downtime can make you lose a significant amount of money. ChemiCloud’s provided uptime of 99 percent guarantee on papers that can make your conversion rate higher due to the help of SSD hostings.

There is no single action that can affect the entire server as they already isolated all hosting accounts. You can even see some application firewalls added up to your website. The kernel Care security system ensures the installation of security patches.

#2. Solid Customer Support

We cannot deny the decisive role of the support team in the success of any company, including the hosting company.

ChemiCloud support team members are responsive and they care a lot about their customers. This makes sure that in case you are a low-tech individual and you have no skills in managing the website, there are always experts to offer you quick assistance.

The average time of response when someone raises the support tickets is 15 minutes, while 2 seconds is the response time of live chats.

#3. Pricing

When coming up as a user of this hosting provider, you have several plans to choose from based on your financial ability and requirements. Those plans are designed to fit into all types of users: low budget, medium budget, and high budget.

As a blogger, the special WordPress hostings are available with fastening loading time and strong ranking improvement. A free huge gallery of themes also helps with your site management.

#4. 45-day money-back guarantee

You can hardly find another hosting company that allows up to 45 days (instead of 30 days like the others) for the customers to claim a refund. That’s a benefit you can get by using this hosting. This guarantee ensures customer rights are properly implemented and a sense of security for the users.

Cons of ChemiCloud

Limited Storage

Though the policy flexibility is a noticeable feature of this hosting provider, those pricing policies can sometimes be too hard for the customers to keep up-to-date. You can see the servers provided by ChemIcloud is very flexible but the storage you have is very limited.
Quite a bummer for long-term users.

The Bottom Lines

As you can see from our ChemiCloud review, it is a decent provider with decent performance, perfect uptime, responsive support, affordable price, and a long money-back guarantee. As long as you are not the type to sign a contract without reading terms and agreements, choosing those dedicated servers is not a bad choice at all.

Good luck with your website folks!