The Most Professional A2 Hosting Reviews and Insight

Whether you are building a website from scratch or an experienced website builder, choosing a good host provider is the most important thing to do. However, with a wide range of host service companies at present, it is not always an easy choice.
Most of you here may have heard about A2 hosting and its popularity. So you will begin to wonder “Is A2 an excellent host provider?”.
Let’s find the answer in this all-inclusive A2 Hosting Reviews!

The Pros Of A2 Hosting Service

Superb integration with WordPress App

With its excellent performance and speed, A2 Hosting is especially helpful to WordPress users. You will not have to worry about badly configured hardware and software settings, heavy themes, or ineffective plugins.

The highly optimized platform, unlimited RAID-10 storage, bandwidth and database, 20x faster solid-state drives, all are available at a very reasonable cost. In this way, A2 Hosting integration with WordPress should attract not only beginners but also experienced users.

As a bonus, the A2 company balances its raw power with multiple protection methods to assure your website’s constant availability for users.

There will be a free SSL certificate, proactive security measures, virus scanning, monitoring, defense from brute-force attacks, kernel updates, and a firewall. However, A2 Hosting seems to prioritize its branded speed optimizations more.

The company provides its premium WordPress hosting configurations with Turbo Servers, which multiples the speed and performance 20 times in comparison with other common shared hostings.

Turbo Servers are available to fewer websites than other of the company’s ordinary shared web hosting servers so that more processing power and computing resources are distributed to every client. The alternative of Apache web server costs less CPU and memory, apart from the better handling of connections and requests.

Last but not least, the company applies the SSDs, LiteSpeed server, and page caching to get more than three times better performance out of the more modern storage devices.

#2. One of the fastest Shared Hosting Providers

When referring to A2 Hosting Service, we must talk about “Speed.”

Tested by a number of tools, A2 has always been one of the fastest host providers for many years up to now.

At present, when page loading time is the factor that has the most important effect on both SEO and User’s Experience, velocity is the significant advantage of A2.

24/7/365 Helpful Customer Support

Although there are a lot of useful articles on A2 official page already, you can always have a chat with their customer support staff.

The company offers many support forms from chat, call, and ticket-based help.

Their customer support teams are very friendly and professional. I can have five questions answered in three minutes with satisfying results!

Free & Easy Sites Emigration

A2 hosting will transfer your site from other servers to theirs without any extra cost on any of their plans. Nonetheless, the number of domain depends on your subscription plan (you can see in their detailed Term of Services.
What you need to do is simply contacting their customer support staff with your cPanel account login info whenever you want and they will do the rest for you.
Unless you give cPanel access to your current sites, A2 may charge you a little for the additional work.

The Cons Of A2 Hosting Service

Cheapest plans are crappy

The lowest price for A2 Hosting’s shared selection is $3.92 per month (now 51% off the normal price).

This plan only provides you with one site with unlimited space, a free SSL certificate, a site transfer, and anytime recharge warranty.

You can not get enough supplement, which makes A2 a great selection without paying more.

The same thing happens when it comes to the A2 site builder plan. By paying around $4 per month, what you get is only a page, which is not even a complete website.

Less-than-optimal Uptime

No matter how fast your site loads, it will not be good enough if your domain goes offline regularly.

As operation time is the most important factor in a host service’s performance to an eCommerce business, the statistic 99.83% of the total online time sometimes can be not good enough for online merchants. It is extremely inconvenient for your site to appear offline while your customers are trying to get access, especially in rush hours.

However, if your company/store’s activities do not depend much on your websites, the number of 99.83% is comfortable.

Unforgiving policy on the renewal term

A2 Hosting only allows a short time break on long-time subscription. So paying in advance for a few years will save you a few dollars in comparison with the monthly fee, which can stack up during your plan time.

A new customer can enjoy a 50% discount for the first time using A2. However, when your first term lapses, a renewal will automatically reach the normal expense, which is nearly two times as much as what you are paying.

Imagine that while you are generally satisfied with the hosting service, then it can be a shock for you to migrate your site again before the rate rises dramatically.

In accordance with their terms of service, you must send a written retraction request 15 days before the Renewal Term starts via their client portal or email them at the address

What if you forget this 15-day policy? You will accidentally pay for the next renewal subscription, which will go on by default, and you’re not able to get any payback.

In our opinion, this kind of service is quite annoying to most of us here.

Final Words on A2 Hosting Reviews

Any host will have both shortcomings and advantages, and A2 is not exceptional.
From our point of view as an A2 user, it is worth using in general, especially if you have money to follow their plans. However, you might have your own viewpoint after reading this detailed A2 Hosting Reviews.