At Review Desire, we care about the privacy of users and committed to protecting your personal information. This Privacy Policy explains further on things you need to know, such as the information we collect from you, and why.

In case you didn’t know, Review Desire is a website that provides you with reliable information on anything that is web hosting related, or to be more specific, technological products and services.

If you don’t have the time to read everything, here’s a brief outline of what we’ll be discussing.

  • Are we capable of keeping your information safe and secure? Definitely! We will not sell it, or use it for any illegitimate purposes. The reason we need your information is to collect trackable data in the form of cookies.
  • Our service is currently free and doesn’t require you to make any purchase. However, there will probably be changes in the future, which call for additional purchases; of course, all is to enhance the quality of our reviews and give you the very best of our service.

Will Review Desire ever Change this Privacy Policy?

As we evolve, there will be updates to this version as we hope to give you the best of what we have, which is why it is important that we realize what you need as well as put out an effort to make it happen.

All of this can only be done if we try to better our website every day.

Of course, there won’t be any major changes to what was written in this privacy, only small points or terms that we think will not be suitable in the future.

We will inform you via Email when such a thing takes place, and the commitment of respecting your privacy will always be maintained. We might also post other revisions to this version, along with their effective date, in an easy-to-find area of this website; therefore, we suggest you check back here every once in a while to stay updated to the changes.

If you continue using our service after there are changes to this policy, it means that you agree with and consent to be bound by the new one.

Nonetheless, if you are opposed to any changes in this Policy and do not desire to have your information be controlled or ruled by these changes, feel free to turn away and never visit our website again. Of course, Review Desire doesn’t want something like that to happen.

By far, this is the latest version to thoroughly explain your rights with us, as well as what we’re capable of giving and doing for you.

Information Collection and Use: How Will We Use The Gathered Data?

Your personal information will be collected by means of our interactions and the reviews you submit to us. Just like most websites on the Internet, our service uses cookies for easy information tracking.

  • If you have no idea what a cookie is, here is a brief definition: a cookie is a small file a web server sends to your device when you check out a website.
  • Once you come back to our website, your browser will send this file to the server to inform the site of your previous behaviors. 
  • The server can retrieve the cookie file to aid you in certain tasks such as logging in and gathering account or user data.

However, as we stated above, we don’t require you to log in or set up an account, so the act of collecting your data under the form of cookies is simply to guarantee the best support we can give as well as improve our service day by day.

Yet, to help us increase the quality of the website, you can leave comments under any review or write down your desires while providing us your Email and name.

With that being said, this is a way of us communicating with you about your use of our site and service, and then responding to you if you have any concerns.

You can choose not to provide your data, but once you have decided to, some of the products or features we deliver cannot be used.

Control and Access Your Private Information

Review Desire offers you different approaches when it comes to making choices about the accumulation and application of your data. You can monitor the personal data that we have received from you, and exert your data security entitlements, by getting in touch with us or using several tools we provide to make this process a breeze.

In certain cases, you will be restricted from accessing or controlling your personal data, as required, or granted by applicable law. The ability to have access or control over your personal data is also based on the kind of service you’re using.

Do we sell/rent/share your information? Review Desire do not and will not sell/rent/share your information under any circumstances.

The Way We Process Your Data

After collecting the information from users, where will it be stored?

Information provided by customers to our website will be transmitted to, converted, and accumulated in America.

Regardless of the software you use on your computing device, the User Content you keep will be retained directly on that device and later on, synchronized with our servers.

If you post or transfer any information to or through our website, it means that you’re giving us permission to host and access your information in the U.S, including personal data and user content.

How well-secured is my data, including personal information and user content?

Review Desire is committed to keeping your Information safe and thus, gives err on the side of cautions to protect it.

Nonetheless, internet data transfer, both wired or wireless, cannot be sure to be exceedingly secured. We will try everything we can to protect information leak, but keep in mind that Review Desire cannot fully ensure the security of information you transmit to us.

In short, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk when giving our website your information, including both personal data and user content.

We use industry-standard encoding to keep your data safe when being in transit, also referred to as TLS (transport layer security) or SSL (secure socket layer) technology.

Once you have provided us your data, we promise that it is safe on our servers using a consolidation of technical, physical, and logical security measures.

Information leak also results from your computing devices not being protected in the right way. In that case, we suggest you be extra careful when taking the appropriate steps to secure all devices that you use in connection with our website.

If our service ever encounters a breach in the security system, we may make an effort to let you know as well as provide needed information on conservative actions (if available) through the Email address that you gave to us or by uploading a warning on the website.

You may have a legitimate right to obtain this warning in the form of writing, relying on where you live

Can I delete the provided information from Review Desire, and How?

You can delete your personal data from our website at any time by deleting the cookies you have formerly provided us with.

How long are my information, both personal data, and user content, retained?

After you have removed your cookies from our website, we may retain some of your data for as long as rationally essential for our valid business interests, which involves fraud disclosure and prevention; and to abide by our legal responsibility including tax, legal reporting, and verifying obligations.

Session Cookies

As you may know, most websites have no memories. If you’re moving from page to page, you’re very much likely to be treated as a ‘new visitor.’ Some users find this to be very annoying.

So, session cookies solve this problem by enabling the site you are visiting to monitor your activities from a certain page to another. Therefore, you will not get asked for the same information which you’ve already provided last time you visited the site. It can be your Email, name, or phone number.

Cookies enable you to carry on your movement through many pages of a site at ease without having to put out much effort. Thus, you won’t need to validate or reprocess each new section you view.

Session cookies permit users to be identified or recognized internally from a website. Hence, your behaviors on our website and any changes to items or data you make are memorized from one page to another.

If you still don’t understand the use of session cookies, think of the shopping cart feature when you shop online; I’m sure all e-commerce sites have this.

When you visit one page, of a catalog and select some items, e.g. from Amazon or eBay, the session cookie on your computing device remembers your decision when choosing any product, and your shopping cart will have the items you selected when you are ready to check out.

When there are no session cookies, if you remove the site from your tab bar, the contemporary page will not recognize your recent activities on former pages and your shopping cart will remain empty.

Without cookies, websites and their servers have no other ways of storing data efficiently.

A cookie can be seen as a key to enable rapid transit from one place to the next. If you don’t use cookies, it can be hard as well as inconvenient when you open a new web page because the server where that page is saved will treat you as if you have not been to this site before.

You can find more information on this problem when you approve the use of session cookies by adjusting a few changes in your browser. Normally, it will navigate you to a site to provide details on the use of session cookies.

Affiliate Disclosure

When it comes to purchasing products on the internet, you should pay extra attention to conducting your investigation. This includes purchasing products or services sold or promoted on this site.

Monetary Connections

If there are no further notices, it is supposed that when services or products are indicated, it can refer to the existence of a material relation between the website owner and the providers of the provings displayed.


Many of the links on Review Desire are affiliate advertisement links, meaning that there is a particular tracking code to attach in the link. If you click on any of these links and make a purchase, our website will get a small share of profit on the sale of an item.

The expenditure of the product is exactly the same whether you directly click on the affiliate link or go to the website. We do recommend you click on the link as this will contribute a great deal to help us make more profit, thus expanding the scale of our site.

Testimonials and Reviews

There are reviewers to recommend products or services based on the assurance that such products or services will meet the needs of customers.

Either the writer has tried the products before making any recommendations, or he/she must have studied the services or products in accordance with the seller’s background or the feedback of former buyers.

The recommendations for the items are genuine beliefs based on facts known to the writer when a product is indicated in the review.

All site visitors are alerted that they ought to consider all related factors carefully before making a purchase on this website.

We promise to be honest with everything we post on Review Desire.

However, if you find anything mentioned on this website that you don’t trust, or have evidence to prove your point, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately and we will give it a check.

We will remove the existing review of any service or product that does not reach our high expectation of satisfaction if our verification of what you reported is true.

Review Desire has carried out everything possible to check the feedback that appears on this site. By far, they were all seen as average user expectations towards products or services, according to the information that was available at the moment of publishing them.

Inquiries have been made to verify the product or services information accurately each time. If a claim seems to be untrue then the owners of this site regard this like that and do not publish this on the site.