Welcome to Review Desire, where you can find reliable reviews about web hosting services and many more!

When it comes to finding a home for  a small business’ website, there are a lot of web hosting services to choose from. But with all those options, how can you determine which is the most suitable choice? 

No worry. Because Review Desire is here to help!

Meet The Team

Review Desire was established by our boss, Alvaro Pereda – a man with a passion for a healthy lifestyle, technology, and experiencing new things. 

Understanding the customers’ desire for qualified products and services, he went on to create a website dedicated to reviewing and giving information on technological products and services. 

In the process of building this website, Pereda looked into the web hosting services and realized that the vast array of web hosting sites might prove difficult to new users like him. 

What We Do

Because of that, Review Desire has been focusing on giving customers the most detailed insight into the hosting providers.

We evaluate the hosting services carefully and objectively by presenting all the pros and cons. All with the goal to provide you with the most basic information about all the aspects of the services without leaving out any details.  

Our motto is  “Review By Us, Desire By You” , and our website aims to please your wants and needs.

The spirit is reflected through our ‘desire’ feature. Besides meticulous reviews about many hosting services, the customers can send their feedback directly to the producers by leaving their ‘desire’. 

This is a kind of grading system where you can rate the products and services based on a list of criteria such as cost, loading speed, as well as the quality of customer care. All your feedback will then be collected and we will make sure that they reach our partners so that they can improve their services in time.

In the future, we have plans to expand our professional scope to not just web hosting sites but also other technological products and Amazon niches. In short, make sure to come back as there will be more surprises awaiting you further down the road!